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Our competence is based on many years of experience in all facets of Executive Search Services. We focus on executive search, management assessment and career coaching, where we bring our extensive experience to bear for the success of your company.

As a reliable partner, we ensure sustainable results through careful selection of methodology and quality-oriented processes in all phases of the project. And we will continue to support you even after the project has been completed. For example, our 12-month replacement guarantee affords you the opportunity to assess new hire over a period of one year.


We have extensive, long-standing experience in filling specialist and management positions. It is our aim to find the best specialists and managers for you, with the ideal qualifications that are a perfect fit for your business strategy and corporate culture. 
We are a reliable partner in all phases of an executive search mandate. We exceed the expectations of our clients through quality-oriented processes and careful selection of candidates. This enables us to achieve sustainable results. We give you the opportunity to review the appointment over a period of one year and will provide dependable support even after the contract has been signed.


Is the direction you have chosen on your career path still right for you? Do you wish to make a change or acquire additional qualifications? Does what you’re doing still make sense to you? We have been advising our candidates for many years and support them in all phases of their career. We see ourselves as companions and consultants in a successful career, and remain in long-term contact with our candidates.


Your goals for the future may look completely different –
and maybe you don’t know what they look like yet.

Besides our own consulting services, there are many ways to find out which path is best for you. Our cooperating partner Tenkmann Consult can help you pursue your career goals in a targeted and methodical way.

1. Career coaching = Identifying career aspects

What have you already done in your career, what did you actually enjoy doing, and what would you like to keep working on? – It all starts with a systematic analysis of your previous employment. From there, you form goals for the future. Which sector, which department, which topics would you like to occupy yourself with? – Together we arrive at a target vision of the future and check it for feasibility.

2. Interview coaching = Preparing for an interview

We systematically prepare candidates for employment interviews. The interview itself is as an instrument for self-marketing that must be well thought out and well prepared. It’s about making the best possible impression while at the same time gauging whether the prospective company is the right one, where you can fulfill your vision and achieve your goals.
Because you don’t just want a job. Ideally you want a vocation. A profession that enables you to have fun giving your best.

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Would you like to help your employees grow and ensure the right person is charged with the right tasks? Recognizing the potential of each individual and developing it in a targeted manner requires an appropriate evaluation process that transparently represents the specific abilities and leadership qualities of management. Thanks to our holistic view of competencies, leadership style, decision-making behavior and cultural connectivity, we empower you to make the right decisions when selecting employees and developing leadership personalities.

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